Though the Singing Dinner has been cancelled, the afternoon events will take place virtually. Click here for the announcement


Ruthie Prillaman '16
Glee Club office: Social Chair 2013-2015

Major: English literature
Now: Television writing | Los Angeles, CA

Ruthie wrote the text of the song we'll be singing at the 4:30pm workshop just before the dinner. On what inspired her, she said:

I read a lot of accounts of that first class of women and I was so inspired by their particular pioneering resilience and how they dove into a climate of student anti-war and racial justice activism. I found it to be a kind of beautiful cycle of looking out for the next generation and I think that spirit continues to feel really alive on campus today.

Favorite YGC memory: Singing All My Trials for justices of the Supreme Court

A fellow Glee Clubber who inspires her: Ellie Killiam, of course!

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